There is no reason after today to face the ongoing challenges of entrepreneurship and retail, we have put together our local retail knowledge of 10 years in a condensed workshop. You will learn how to face the challenges you meet and we will share  simple tools that you can implement in your business to gauge your success rate and to fill in any gaps you may have. The aim is for us to guide you to success with lower risk, saving you time and money so that you can enjoy your entrepreneurship journey.

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Retail 101

The workshop is for anyone with an idea and wants to start a business or anyone in retail business
and feels there is a gap and would like to work on enhancing the structure of the business areas. To understand what elements are involved in any retail business. To identify the gaps in your retail business. To get a tips and tools to help you improve and enhance your retail business.

We have been through it and we would like to support you to lead your small retail business to success without having to go through all the frustrations and road blocks, in this workshop you will learn how to:

  • work on the business model canvas that covers main business structure areas

  • Customer profiling

  • Marketing and how to create a basic strategy to execute

  • Operations and the basics of keeping your numbers in check

  • last but not least your well-being as a retail entrepreneur

Who should attend this workshop?
Anyone that has a small business and feels frustrated or lost trying to create a structure and system.
Anyone with an idea and wants to start their retail business but not sure how to do that.

65 omr for a single pass
55 omr per person for 2 or more passes  

To register send us your email, phone number and names via direct message or email to:

** free content for participating
A tested ROI sheet
Customer Data Sheet
All in soft copy so you can directly implement them on  your business.

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